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Dual Frequency Generator

Our Dual Frequency Generator or zapper is based on Dr. Hulda Clark's design in her book

"The Cure For All Disease".  For more information about Dr. Hulda Clark and her "zapper"

please visit

How Does It Work?


The Clark Zapper damages the negatively charged outer membrane of a parasite with a weak current. The negative charge of the outer membrane protects the parasite from white blood cells (=immune system), so they are not able to remove them from the body because the white blood cells also have a negative charge. We know the law of polarity from physics, which states that the elements with the same charge repel each other, and with the opposite charge, they attract each other. Because the white blood cells have the same charge, they are not able to remove parasites. When we use a zapper, parasites lose their outer membrane with a negative charge and the white blood cells can easily remove them, clean the body, relieve pain (e.g., migraines), and cure the body.

This device is NOT a medical device and is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease in humans or animals.  It is sold only as an experimental device for educational research.


Dual Frequency Generator............$222.00

Price includes taxes and shipping.

To place an order, please email

and we'll confirm any customizations as well as

shipping/delivery info and payment.

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